How Leaders Influence without Authority - Mr. Naeemuddin Syed (Group Director Projects, Geo News)

      Our Leadership class of MBA has to be the most interactive and informative one. In almost every class, our great teacher Sir Shiraz Ahmed invites a guest speaker who is a leader in his or her field of work so that we students can learn from his experiences. On February 15th, 2020 the guest speaker was Mr. Naeem who is a well-known media personality. He holds an experience of good 25 years in the field of media. He is currently working with Geo News and his prior experiences have been with credible media channels including BOL, Express-News, and Dawn. Having such an honorable personality among us was only a great achievement and blessing. 

 Mr.Naeem talked about leadership and what it means to him. He gave us the example of the Perfect Man to ever walk on this beautiful planet, none other than Prophet Mohammad PBUH which is no surprise to any of us as many times the same example has been given to us by our amazing teacher Sir Shiraz himself. If we get to talk about leadership th…

Embracing Technology - Junaid Khan (CEO Air Blue)

Junaid Khan praises Siraj sahib on the excellent topics and subject raised by him and these subjects are thought provoking for all people. The subject is extremely critical for the leadership in Islamabad and corporate world. However, some of these points are forgotten not only in bureaucracy but even on the corporate sector. The conflict of interest is losing its impact in all areas.
Technology seems very small item and small subject. Technology presentation cannot be complete without Microsoft. He mentions Mario Andretti said If everything seems under control then that means we are not going fast enough. That is certainly true for technology. It’s all about speed and connectivity. The world will realize by 2020 that there will be 50 billion devices connected and over 5 billion internet users will be in the world. That’s more than 2/3 of world’s population actually connected. 90% of the new cars estimated will be using internet one way or the other. One billion internet users will a…

Leadership, Governance and Accountability - Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz

He appreciated BLC 2018 and thanked Mr. Talib Kareem, Mr. Shiraz and all the faculty members of Iobm for the invitation to be a part of these proceedings. It’s a great service done to the community and to the business environment to be able to organize such facilities where one can share experiences and views.It allows generations to have a thought in mind where are we and where do we head both as an individual and as a society.
He stated that Governance and Leadership with the elements of morality and ethics are essential. Governance is a subject that has been widely spoken about internationally and in the context of our country, we blame everything and put all burden on “governance. Leaders of substance have always had something beyond of what they can perform i.e. a very strong ethical, moral and spiritual foundation of thought on which they build their lives.
While speaking on corporate governance he shared various examples to insist on the alignment of internal behaviors with morali…

BLC: Branding your Leadership - Dr. Irfan Hyder, Dean CBM-IoBM

Dr Irfan Hyder (Dean CBM-IoBM) shared his insights on 'Branding Leadership' at Business Leaders Conference, held in Karachi in 2017. The eminent business leaders of Pakistan addressed to the participants of the conference on the various topics pertaining to the theme of the conference.
Leadership, in the eyes and minds of many, has been observed in a more general and a broader fashion from the point of view of an organization, a country, and a society. On a personal level, as per Dr Irfan Hyder, leadership is individually defining one’s own personal brand and through that developing his own leadership identity. The ways and methods to develop a leadership style that represents each and everyone’s idiosyncrasies had been the ground for research, debate and discussion at many universities for the last couple of years.
Looking back at the history of leadership, and how it came to be, Dr Irfan brought the attention of the audience over the difference between a manager and a leader …

BLC: Better Leaders - Better Pakistan, CEO HMB Sirajuddin Aziz

Mr Siraj Uddin Aziz, CEO of Habib Metropolitan Bank, talked on the topic Better Leaders - Better Pakistan, which focused on leadership regardless of position at Business Leadership Conference held on 16th August 2017 at Movenpick hotel Karachi.He said that a good leader is one who is successful, effective and inspirational and the one who makes others’ lives better. 

Therefore, Basic element of leadership is sacrifice. He quoted the example of founder of our homeland, Quaid-e-Azam. Mohammad Ali Jinnah. He commenced his professional career as a lawyer in 1986, first in Bombay, in spite of Hindu majority in that profession; he rose to a high position by the dint of his hard work. Soon he became a well-known personality in Bombay. He could have lived a prosperous life but he preferred to work for the betterment of Muslims. Likewise, He did not give enough time to his family even when his family deserves the most, just for the sake of Muslims of sub-continent. Nelson Mandela is another exa…

BLC: Taking Brands Globally - Chairman Shan Foods, Sikander Sultan

Business leaders conference was held at Movenpick Hotel on 16 August 2017. It was attended by numerous business leaders. Mr. Sikander Sultan - Chairman Shan Foods was warmly welcomed. He grabbed all the attention of the audience while addressing on the topic, Taking brands globally.

He introduced Shaan Foods along with the struggle he carried with it, he mentioned that Shaan is in the ethnic markets, catering to all mainstream customers. Thus, declaring it as the largest ethnic brand.
While it’s true that many companies make a concerted decision to enter a given market, it’s actually more common to see the reverse scenario take place, their customers make the decision for them, or at the very least, these customers play a significant role in steering the company toward those decisions. As a result, more and more companies are going global without any sort of grand master plan. Instead, they are easing into an international presence one small step at a time, often learning as they go, cr…

BLC: Why Business Leaders make poor decisions - Jaseem Ahmed, AP Middlesex University London

Business Leaders Conference was held at Movenpick Hotel on 16 August 2017. The Conference was attended by many successful Business Leaders. Mr. Jaseem Ahmed, Associate Professor at Middlesex University, London was warmly welcomed.
He addressed the audience on the topic why business leaders make poor decisions, He said that,
“One should be mentally prepare for what is coming in your way.”
Through his presentation he explained The Bow-tie analysis which is designed to help planners analyze risks and consequences of these risks as well as prevention and mitigation factors of different planning decisions in a structured way.
He advised to follow the five step process which includes Explore, review, engage, measure and research to make good decisions. Being a leader, making decision is a complex variable and it lies at the heart of our personal and professional lives.

Decisions, which can lead to either acts of genius or some pretty impressive mistakes, are judgments formed in our brain. Decisi…